Thursday, June 22, 2006

new backdrop

I got a new backdrop for shooting pottery, here is a sample. I need to build a light box diffuser. This was taken with just light from the windows in my living room on a canon 20d

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

adam and the lee family curse

Adam and I recorded around 15 songs in the spring of 2005. It was just before he got married, right after he moved here. We went to the terrarium and mostly got drum tacks layed down. A year has gone by and we have something like four songs finished. The work of adding guitars, vocals, and other embellishments falls largely on Adam. I put some of the drum arrangements together using Logic, and sing the occasional back up vocal, but he does the rest. He is very busy doing his residency and doesn't have the luxury of summer vacation like us teachers do. Here are a couple pics of the studio in his new house.


I was given the opportunity to participate in art a whirl this year. The mother of one of my students has a studio in the California Building. She told me she didn't have any work to show this year and offered the space to me to sell some things. I said yes, made a ton of pots in about two weeks, invited my friend Martin to participate, and then fired the wood kiln with just our stuff. It was about 2/3 mine, the rest were Martin's. In general the firing was disappointing, the pots were dark and brown, and the kiln didn't get as hot as we wanted. It was hard to fire it with just two people. We had some help though. A few students past and present stopped by to help for a little while, Rachael also helped out quite a bit. Here are a few pics.

Kyle and Martin loading

Derek stoking

here is my beautiful wife in rain gear (she's the one on the right)

pots before and after the brownification process (pardon the sarcasm)

the setup at art-a-whirl before we put flowers in the vases and made it look pretty. we had a poster size print of the kilin being fired at night with flame coming out of the stack, it was pretty sweet.