Sunday, May 14, 2006

kiln wear and tear

Here are some details of the kiln. The stack fell off before the last firing in february '06. I put it back up with some angle iron bracing. The kiln's frame was inside the insulation for the first four or five firings before we started noticing that it was super heating and bending. The bending frame allowed the arch to drop a bit. As the arch sags the walls get further apart. As a result, we have a gap in the door as we brick it up. We have since moved the insulation away from the frame. It is interesting to note that in the arch of the kiln there are a few bricks which do not seem to be reacting to the atmosphere in the kiln. They appear to have remained unglazed.

back pressure

After reaching temperature, we stuff both fireboxes completely full of wood, seal them as best as possible and then close the damper.