Friday, August 31, 2007

Student Blogs

Hello Students!

You will create a blog to document your creative work and process. Hopefully you will enjoy it and be proud of it. THIS BLOG WILL BE FOR:

  • DOCUMENTING YOUR PROCESS (planning and developing your ideas, documenting your progress).

  • Reflecting on your creations.

  • Showcasing finished work.

  • Giving eachother feedback/ sharing ideas
I encourage you to use this for any creative or art related action you take, do not feel like this is limited to my class. If you take more of my classes, you will continue to use it.

It will be 5% of your grade for the semester. I will check the blog five times:

  • Initial set up (I will give you one week to get it up)

  • Mid 1st Quarter

  • End of Quarter 1

  • Mid 2nd Quarter

  • End of the semester

I will also put a link to your individual blogs from this blog, so please do not put your full name anywhere in your site, just use your first name.

You need to include the following:

An initial artist statement (graded one week after the semester begins) where you describe:

  • Artists and artistic ideas you are interested in and you would like to be influenced by.
  • Where you are at artistically, the type of work you have made thus far.
  • The type of work you are planning on making during the semester.

For each of the 4 1/2 week working periods, you will need:

1) A specific plan or objective for the upcoming working period. (I will bring this to the critiques when we look at your work.)

2) At least 1 post made while you are in the middle of the working period in which you describe and show what you have been working on, reflect on how it has been going and modifications or adjustments you are making. This needs to include photos of your incomplete work.

3) Images of the finished work and a reflection on it.

You are not required to leave comments for eachother. I will likely leave you some, and I hope you will give eachother a few. Just remember, conduct yourselves online the way you should at school. This is a public place, and I expect you to be appropriate and respectful of eachother.